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SwiCE is a Swiss engineering company that provides comprehensive services in the field of industrial design, project management consultancy, and process equipment supply. Based in Geneva, the company is actively operating in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. SwiCE is also involved in the financing and development of high-tech projects in emerging markets.


SwiCE has a proven track record of delivering high-quality industrial solutions to its clients. With a team of experienced professionals, SwiCE is committed to meeting its clients' needs by providing customized solutions that help them achieve their business goals.


SwiCE offers a range of services, including industrial design, project management, and equipment supply. 


Industrial Engineering

The company's industrial engineering services include pre-FEED, FEED, and detailed design, which are crucial steps in the development of any industrial project.


Project Management

Project management services include PMC, technical and author supervision, and the management of shared data environment using cloud technologies.


Procurement Services

SwiCE's procurement services are comprehensive, and the company supplies process and auxiliary equipment, spare parts, and provides maintenance. SwiCEhas a network of trusted suppliers that allows the company to provide its clients with high-quality equipment and services.


SwiCE is a company that invests in the development of high-tech projects, especially in emerging markets. The company is engaged in financing high-tech gas chemical projects or fertilizer production projects that can contribute to the growth of these markets. 


SwiCE uses the most advanced tools to automate the process of design and project management. The company leverages building information modelling (BIM) and building lifecycle management (BLM) solutions to streamline the design process and make it more efficient. SwiCE also uses cloud technologies to manage shared data environments, which enables better collaboration among project stakeholders.

SwiCE also uses solutions based on artificial intelligence to enhance its services. These solutions allow the company to identify areas where efficiency can be improved, and they also help to optimize the design process. By incorporating the latest innovations into its operations, SwiCE is able to provide its clients with cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.


Our five foundational beliefs have been the cornerstone of our business and will continue to be. They guide our behaviors and are what we never compromise on, no matter the circumstances.


We will not compromise on health, safety, and security.


We deliver the highest quality in everything we do.


We act responsibly, always considering our impact on the planet, people, and communities where we work and live.


We hold ourselves to the highest integrity principles.


We treat everyone honestly, fairly, and courteously.


Oil & Gas: offshore mining, processing, chemistry, hydrogen. 

Fertilizers: ammonia, carbamide, acids, single nutrients and multi-component fertilizers.

Energy: gas-turbine, coal fired and thermal power plants, and "green" energy.

Infrastructure: seaports and terminals, transport and logistics centers, railroads, bridges and tunnels, power lines, water treatment plants.


Geneva     Astana     Almaty     Karaganda     Atyrau


At SwiCE, we are proud to work alongside FLSmidth, Technip Energies and Sicpa, the leading European technological companies, as our strategic partners. Together, we are engaged in large-scale, super technological projects that are developed in the Caspian region. Our business in Kazakhstan is dedicated to the development of innovative, cutting-edge EP/EPC solutions that are designed to revolutionize the industries in which we work.


Our focus on the Caspian region is driven by the huge potential that this area holds for the development of high-tech projects. This region is rich in natural resources and has a highly skilled workforce, making it an ideal location for the development of large-scale projects. Our partnerships are dedicated to leveraging these resources to create new and innovative solutions that will help to transform the industries in the region. 


If you are an entrepreneur, business leader, or investor who shares our passion for high-tech, sustainable solutions, we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to invest in and support, and we would be happy to discuss your project with you in more detail. Contact us today to learn more about SwiCE and how we can help you achieve your goals.


SwiCE is an engineering company that is committed to providing high-quality industrial solutions to its clients. With its innovative approach to design and project management, SwiCE is well-positioned to help its clients achieve their business objectives. Whether you are looking to design a new industrial project, manage an existing one, or invest in high-tech projects, SwiCE is the ideal partner for you!


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